Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life Without Mittens, My New Junior Associate and Steve's Leica Man

Margaret and Tom told me that sadness and joy often happen at the same time. I guess they are right.
Last Tuesday, my sister Mittens passed away.
 It was a very sad day for all of us.
May 2010
(a.k.a. Mitts and Mittasaur)
March 1994-July 2010
Tom made a special gravemarker for Mitts' grave.
Mittens had really big feet.
With 7 toes on her front paws, she could move kitty litter in our box like a steam shovel!
She now lies next to her littermate Buster
and Katushka, Bigfoot and Mr. Jiggs.

About 2 weeks ago, a young male stray kitty started hanging around and crying for food.
Tom & Margaret said he was 'good karma' but he looked like a cat to me. I said it was OK to keep him because he is kind of cute, he usually rolls on his back and defers to me and he is funny!
New kitty playing 'hard to get'. Such a silly little man!
Tom named him 'Junior' but Margaret calls him
'Mr. Junior Associate' because she says I am the new 'Senior Partner'.
I like to chase him but he's faster than me and he blends into the bushes so I get kind of confused.

I know he's around here somewhere.

Junior (a.k.a. Mr. Junior Associate)

Tom has been working on a cool project for our friends Steve and Vicki. When finished, Leica Man will be be on their front porch. Tom is fabricating a simulation of a Leica camera and the flash unit will actually be a motion sensor. When someone drives into their driveway, the motion detector will sense the movement and the outdoor lights will come on.
Leica Man will be completed soon.

The 'lens' is made from a pipe fitting from
Red's Trading Post
 while the rest of the body of the 'camera' has been fabricated by Tom.

I think I'll go back to my catnip.
Junior wore me out this morning.