Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Trellises & Sculpture

Tom recently finished designing, building and installing
four trellises and a unique sculpture 
on 4th Street grade in The Dalles, Oregon.

"When I first contacted Tom to design a privacy screen,
he suggest a visit to his studio/garden to see
 different examples of his work. It was a wonderful
experience to see Tom and Margaret's garden
where each piece of metal art has a special place and story.

Tom came up with an amazing design to provide privacy at my home.
He transformed a patio that was very public to a space
that has become an additional room to my home.
It will take a few years for foliage to fulfill the end result
 but the foundation is beautiful.
Tom reviewed the yard and neighborhood
 to determine which elements needed to be emphasized and which to mask.
His vision for beauty and working with the environment is, well, artistic!

Tom is so patient and kind. When he completed the work at my home,
I told him I'd miss him. He is a joy to work with." 
Mary G.

Tom and Mary discussing trellis design on site
Tom preparing the FAN TRELLIS footings
Steel, Aluminum and Copper Wire

Glass by artist Linda Steider
Mary and Tom celebrate final installations!
As Mary plants new vines and roses, more photos will be added.


Mary loves circles.
Tom created this special sculpture for her.
Time to rest again with my 'Jazzy Cat'.
Yours truly,