Monday, May 6, 2013

Sanoe's Trellis and Gate

It is springtime in the Gorge!
The  leaves of the white scrub oak trees
 are not yet unfolding 
but blue lupine and balsam root,
native wildflowers in the Columbia River Gorge, 
are blooming all over the hillsides.

Tom has been busy working on several projects including
a new garden trellis and gate for friends up the valley. 
Linda has met with Tom on several occasions
to discuss the details of the design as well as
to select the colors for the fused glass on top of the trellis.
Local Gorge artist Linda Steider will create
custom glass pieces for the frames Tom will be building.
Old Wooden Gate and Trellis
Linda and Tom Measuring the Old Wooden Gate
Once the design was completed,
Tom purchased his steel and remesh and started to
build and weld the gates and trellis.
Finished Gates of Steel Square Bar and Re-Mesh
Friends and fellow welders,
Jeremy and Bert from
Schlosser's Machine Works in Hood River,
were asked to help install the structure.
Discussing the project with Jeremy and Bert
Leveling and Welding
Tom Checking Details
Once the gate and trellis were in place,
Linda and Tom discussed the final details
for the top panel of the arbor.
Linda selected rich red, deep blue and intense blue/green
colors for the fused glass panels
... and a flying pig with copper wings, too!
I liked that idea!
When Linda Steider finished the glass,
Tom was ready to complete the decorative top panel. 

Jeremy and Bert Checking for Level 

Removing the Protective Paper On the Fused Glass
Installing Sanoe, The Flying Pig
She spins, too!
Cleaning the Fused Glass Heart
Finish Gate and Trellis Looking East
Sanoe's Trellis and Gate Looking West
 Sunset on Sanoe

"What began as a practical arbor/gate design evolved
into an "objet d' art" with a touch of whimsy.
My family always enjoyed John Steinbeck's work.
He used Pigasus, The Flying Pig,
as a symbol of himself ,"earthbound but aspiring".
It was a reminder that
one must try to attain the heavens
even though his equipment is meager.
He sometimes added the motto
 "ad astra per alia porci"
("to the stars on the wings of a pig").
Tom's rendition utilizes copper wings
which reflect the color and light
in a constant dance of joyful aspiration.
The beautiful glass pieces by Linda Steider
reflect my husband's love of the ocean
and my affinity for hearts (and for my hubby!)."
August 2013

I like the pig the best!
Time to rest with my artist buddy.
Tom and Me