Sunday, July 8, 2012


MOW POWER just got mo' bettah!
MP received an 'engine overhaul' and
 a new paint job this week.
Tom repainted the blue 'engine block' a nice bright orange
and spruced up the exhaust pipes with black paint.
He replaced the old air filter with a shiny new one and
added a cool fan which he also painted black and red.

The creatures is built on a coil spring from a Ford truck
so he wiggles when touched or in a strong wind.

A Toro lawn mower like no other!
The headers and fan are recycled from a
small block Chevy
while the valve covers and carburetor
 are from a small block Ford.
Tom fabricated the 'engine block'
from a sheet metal and attached
all of the individual parts to it.

Whhheeee! That looks like fun!
The creature and the weight of the engine and mower
sort of balance out each other
so, as Tom notes, it is an 'infinite wheelie'.
The rear wheels anchors the sculpture.
The rear wheels came from an industrial scissors lift
 and are filled with a material that makes them
weigh about 75 pounds a piece.

Bobby and Me
 I helped our friend Bobby fish in the creek
when he was here a few weeks ago.
He came all the way from Maui to meet me
so I was pretty excited!
Time to go hunting.