Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Autumn is our favorite time of the year.

Lower in the sky, the sun's light is golden, creating a magical clarity to beautiful late fall afternoons. I like this time of the year, too. I stay warm in my thick, soft coat while chasing mice and birds all day long.

Tom carved his Halloween birthday pumpkins again this year. Before I could run away, Margaret scooped me up for a photograph with those big orange globes. I always pretend to enjoy being cuddled but I am really looking around for more mice, moles and voles.

was purchased recently by Steffen and Claudia at the 
301 Gallery in Hood River.
You can see Tom's sculpture on Oak Street guarding the former, newly refurbished
Butler Bank Building built in 1924.

 Our friend Mike Stillman with
at 301 Gallery in Hood River
were shipped to
their new owner in California
Dale and Judy in their backyard
Asian Bell
by Tom
These hardy Black-Eyed Susans are still displaying gorgeous color
in our gardens due to the warm Autumn weather
 we've had here in Oregon this fall.
The Moore Ranch
Millie and Dick Voll commissioned Tom to create
a unique hanger for the sign on their new carriage house in Sherman County.
Pieces of old harnesses from the ranch were incorporated into the design.

Mosier Creek Road
Me and my favorite human being in the whole world!