Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lavender, Lavender, Lavender

Shonnah and Mana, friends in Grass Valley, California asked Tom to design and create a sign for Shonnah's lavender garden. Margaret and Tom installed the Mystic Mine Lavender Hill sign last week.
I think it is very pretty.

Tom, Shonnah and Nolemana
Greenhouse at Mystic Mine Lavender Hill
Shonnah's roses at Mystic Mine Lavender Hill

Local friends Steve and Vicki also commissioned Tom to design and create a custom steel shelf for their
Mosier Valley Lavender products. Lavender oil, sachets, candles and soaps full of lavender fragrance can be purchased at the 'Mosier Survival Garden' up the valley on State Road. Bunches of fresh lavender will be available during harvest.

Tom and Steve check the dimensions of the raw steel shelf unit to make sure that the lavender products will fit well. The mesh top allows morning sun to light up the top shelves. Hidden hooks below the bottom shelf will hold fresh bundles of lavender.

Custom steel shelf inserted into window
with fused glass by Linda Steider
'Survival Garden' store in Mosier Valley

My nap time with Tom
Junior's nap with ornamental grass. When Steve harvests his lavender, I'll give Junior a bundle.
I think he will like that, too.