Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy New Year
Junior, Margaret, Tom and me!


Wood base made by Dave White
Steel frame with removable window frame fabricated by Tom

A friend commissioned Tom to create a frame to hold a pretty stained glass window from his 1880's farmhouse in rural Oregon.
It was a Christmas gift for his wife.

Stained Glass Window in New, Custom Steel Frame

Bob and Candy Cane Ornament by Tom

I became very ill over Thanksgiving but am now doing much better.
To celebrate my improved health, Tom asked me to pose so he could make a likeness of me. 
Each year, Tom makes a special holiday ornament for Margaret. This year it was me!
I think I look rather smart with my 'candy' cane!

May we all enjoy good health and joy in the New Year!

Me and my buddy Junior