Friday, November 4, 2016


Friends up the valley
commissioned Tom to create
a unique home address marker
for their driveway. 

Tom sketched several designs for their 
consideration but when he discovered
several large, partial circles of
recycled 2x2 inch steel square bar 
at his favorite salvage yard,
Tom redesigned the piece to incorporate 
these unique curved pieces. 

 partial circles welded together

When Kathy and John returned to see Tom's
new idea, they realized how perfect it was. 
Their last name begins with 'O'.  
The numbers & fused glass are framed 
and ready to be set into the circle.

John and Kathy helped Tom...

and had some fun, too!

Fused glass by Jess Caudill

John O. and his 'O'. 

Maybe Oprah would like one, too.
Doing my best 'O' pose,