Friday, July 31, 2015


happy, grazing sheep
among the tulip fields of Holland

Our wedding gift to our niece and new nephew
is finally completed and has arrived in Minnesota!

Elise and Reed wanted a custom coat rack
for their new home.
After seeing their special 'tulip room',
Tom was inspired to incorporate
Holland's beautiful flowers into their custom gift.
Tom and Margaret first met their sweet niece on
their own wedding day in 1982.

Sharing her Uncle's unique sense of humor
 and affection for puns,
Elise guessed that their coat rack
was going to be different and, indeed, it is!

Tom started working on the top first.

top of rack and naked lamb

Tom grinding his welds

top with forged steel tulips

Tom felt it was important
that the lamb have a coat, too, especially in Minnesota!

Rick Hege of Shepherd's Flock in Vermont was kind enough
to choose the right wool for this purpose.
Tom sent the steel sheep to Rick who cut the wool to fit the little lamb.
It's perfect!
Thanks, Rick!
Also, thanks for the extra pieces of wool...
I might want to cuddle up to those in my box
by the woodstove this winter.

Tom fluffing the little lamb's wool

lamb with coat 
on the top with tulips

middle section of rack



 It works!
Elise and Reed
were married on February 14th, 2015
on a splendidly sunny,
minus 26 Fahrenheit degree day
 in Minnesota.
I would have given them a mouse! 
Yours Truly,