Saturday, March 22, 2014


Recently, Tom and Margaret attended
Maryhill Museum's 2014 Opening Day
with friends Pat and Dick.  
While sipping a glass of wine and enjoying the
expansive view of the Columbia River,
they reminisced about
created by Tom for their home up in
Hood River valley.
"When our children were little, (Julie, now 49 and Allen, now 46) their favorite book was Ten Apples Up On Top by Theo LeSieg (alias Theo Geisel) who became the famous 'Dr. Seuss'. The story we heard was that Theo Geisel made a bet with Bennett Serf, an editor at Random House, that he could make an interesting book for kids with only 75 words. The book, Ten Apples Up on Top, illustrated by Ray McKie, was published in 1961 and its publication marked the beginning of the famous 'Dr. Seuss'. 
Julie, Allen, Dick & Pat
with Julie's painting of
and Tom's sculpture
After Allen was born, Julie painted a picture of the book (notice newborn Allen’s apples are falling in the painting in the photograph above). We lived in Eugene, Oregon then but had a vacation house in Hood River which became our home when Dick and I retired. We have a large pasture and commissioned Tom to create one of his delightful sculptures for it. Tom asked us “What is important to you about your place?”. We thought about it for awhile and took our battered copy of Ten Apples up on Top off the bookshelf. After reading the book, Tom created the pasture sculpture. 
We celebrated its completion with a group of family and friends by passing the book around and each reading a passage." Pat
They will get them if we let them!
The Dog, the Tiger and the Lion
Come! We can not let them get them!

The Lion

The Dog
 The Tiger
When Grandpa John came to visit,
Margaret took his picture with Pat and the sculpture.
I like the Tiger the best!
Yours truly,